Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 1604: Four came home.

"more than ever", junk mail collage postcard

One of the most flattering things to happen to me,
was being asked in 2014 to furnish artwork for outdoors!
All originally 4x4" junk mail collages, enlarged ...
and professionally printed to 30 x 30" for display
on mini-billboard Cabana-style for the City of Mission Viejo.
I started with 24 possibilities & asked for help deciding, here.

Can you pick out the 5 winners?
Ever been to an outdoor art gallery?
Me either, until visiting the grounds of the  
Norman P. Murray Center which has a beautiful 
outdoor venue called The Cabana's.

photo by Leslie Bradley

Used for social, symphony events, wedding receptions & such. 
Adjacent to a 10 acre field, a children's play area,
Oso Creek walking trail & the 5 star amenities of the center.

Mentioned in an earlier 2015 blog here.


An outdoor gallery? Indeed!

photo by Leslie Bradley

May 2015, artist Leslie Bradley visited  (here)
the Cabanas,  taking these quality photos.

photo by Leslie Bradley

Five separate seating enclosures.

Last May 2016 I revisited my large junk mail art (here)
in this lovely setting, still on exhibit for over a year.

While there I took some close-up pictures, 
if you look close, the art has weathered 
with some fine hair-line cracks here & there.
But then so have I.

. . .

Now ending 2016, the work was dismantled ...
and four came home to me.

(dining room)

(living room)


(master bedroom)

Nice to have the kids home.

PostScript: Some of you may know. I live in a tiny place. 
The new move-ins required displacing other art.
So some of you may be getting some as a gift. 
Make room in your garage. Fair warning.

A smile for Friday ...

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