Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 1589: Probably too much, I have that excessive gene!

"Dorothy & Henry", digital collage on canvas

So as you read this, I am delivering (probably too much) to ...

(click to enlarge)

Yesterday Gail asked a question on my blog (here
and I found myself typing ...
"probably too much, but I have that excessive gene."
WonderWoman dropped off Kombucha for me, and said 
"what are you going to do with all this if it doesn't sell?"
I responded, "give it to you for Christmas!"
It's true I do go overboard, even though I know, less is more.
I am disciplined in my "Mom & no Pop" ad agency,
and only give clients three variations.
But otherwise, it's maybe just one more?

(featured at the Holiday Affaire sale)

I'm like a shelter, I have so many needing homes.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

extra (referee at left)) on the movie set of the original Karate Kid, 1983

A smile for Thursday ...

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