Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 1619: 11 miles an hour on the 91!

"blue", ink, watercolor & photo journal page

Grandma duty is fun.
SM & WW were in SD watching GH#2 OLU V-BB game. 
GH#1 was at work, delivering pizzas.
(SM=Superman, WW= WonderWoman, SD=San Diego, GH=Grandhunk, OLU= Orange Lutheran HS, V=Varsity, BB= Basketball)

This was GH#3 & my view as we left home at 4:40PM ...

to get on the 91 freeway along with half of Orange County,
on our way to a basketball tournament at Mater Dei HS.
During this stretch we were going 11 mph.
GH#3 had headphones on, so was oblivious to the traffic.
I was getting my excuse ready in case 
we didn't make the 5:15 PM arrival requirement.
GH#3 would tell the coach, his Grandma only drove @11 mph!

We made it at 5:00 PM so no storytelling necessary.
Spectator admission was $10 and $5 for children 12 & under.
I asked if there wasn't a senior rate?
The young man said he didn't see a senior. Awww.
I said if he added my 7 & 5, it would be 12 the cutoff for child.
He smiled and gave me $5 change from my $10. 
Worth a try?

 OLU 70 - St. John Bosco 41.
I can't explain how much I enjoy 
watching the Grandhunks play, win or not.
If that was how I would spend the rest of my days,
I'd die very happy. 
The 91 freeway ... not so much!

Postscript: If you read yesterday's Day 1618 here ...
you'll know the relevance of this smile ...
Thanks Patrick!

 Only I would title this "WonderWoman's Mom!"
WW's not there yet.

A smile for Saturday ...

Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 1618: That's age speaking! ;o)

"you", a silly scribble drawing & collage journal page

Wednesday I was invited to dinner with great friends Jean & Craig.
We talked  & talked till the waiter was putting chairs on the tables.
More talking on the way home & hugs before I came inside.
Then I reached for my phone in my wallet, and no wallet!
Jean & Craig had just left, so out of habit,
I reached for my i phone to text! No wallet! No i phone.
I came in & used the land line to call Craig's cell phone.
I wanted to catch them before they got too far.
A polite female voice said that his cell number 
was not receiving calls & to try again later?
I tried Jean's cell, a different female voice said 
her phone was not set up for messages?
I called their home phone, which also had a pleasant female
voice saying that number is not receiving calls & to try again later?
Pulling out the "big guns" I called their son Brandon.
His phone was not receiving calls but I left a message?
I called daughter Megan, who also was not receiving calls. 
I did a group e-mail saying ...

HELP? I can't do much, you have my wallet ...

I can't text, you have my i phone, 

I can't drive, you have my DL, 

I can't buy anything , you have my cc and $$$ ...


All this is kinda funny if you had read the comment I wrote
in response to Julie Berliner's blog here ... 
she had been worried about lost apps & a newsletter due. 
I said... "I almost commented on your last post that ...
most of the things we worry about never happen
and if & when they do happen, life goes on.
That's age speaking!

Postscript: By midnight I had all of the above back again. 
Life does go on.

How's your day rockin'?

A smile for Friday ...

The last Christmas smile, I promise.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 1617: A late night & early morning ...

"fugitive", collage postcard for Beatriz/MUSE mail art

Getting ready to go on Grandma duty tomorrow ... 
the OLU basketball season is gearing up,

so Superman & WonderWoman will be at the tournament.

For me, a late night & early morning.

 72 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Shopping, Nikko, Japan 1990

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A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Day 1616: finding myself scatter-brained ...

"aging model", ink, watercolor & junk collage postcard

I am finding myself scatter-brained, 
uncomfortable, out of my normal routine & 
unsure how to use this unusual block of time. 
I posted this on FB yesterday & many seemed to identify?

A cool 59 degrees here in SoCal, okay, cool for here.
The skies are a cloudless gorgeous blue, after winds & rain.
Snow on the San Gabriel Mountains.

Anaheim Hills Reservoir 12-25-2016

Skiing up at Mammoth & even locally @ Big Bear.
I made a P.O. run this morning & noticed a quiet,
like an after math of the earlier Christmas rush?
People leisurely walking, biking, taking their time.
Of course I didn't go to Fashion Island or the malls!

 I'll get back in gear soon. Pretty soon.

Scrounged up a little twinge of energy, 
and I eked out a step by step postcard ...

step 1 & 2 (ink & watercolor)

As usual, the face is "wonky"!

step 3

But I just keep on playing ...

step 4

this time with security envelope linings ...

step 5

the hair is done, so another envelope lining and ...

step 6

done & fun.
Keeps me off the streets.
What are you up to? I need to hear!

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 1615: Happy Boxing Day!

"#01", collage. photo ink & digital

I had almost forgotten about boxing day!
This holiday is traditionally celebrated 
the day following Christmas, 
when servants & tradesmen would receive gifts, 
known as a "Christmas box", 
from their masters, employers or customers.
I decided to re-run parts of an earlier post from 2015.

I lived in Australia for four years & boxing day was a big event.
As you know, or don't know (or care?) ...
I was in boarding school age 8 - 11, see here.
At age 11, my Mother married Des,
a rather famous Australian race horse trainer.

He trained racehorses & steeplechase jumpers ...
that raced around the world.
Leaving Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in Pasadena, CA
We moved to Melbourne,  
& I was enrolled at Kilbreda College
a Brigidine Catholic Secondary School for Girls
can you find me? The only one not looking at the camera! ;op

in Mentone, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
A 30 minute train ride, to and from each day.


There were changes.
I learned to jump horses & ride dressage, 
tennis and golf lessons were required.
And I loved Scottish dancing & ballet.
I thought I was "Belle of the Ballet", but, I wasn't.

Four years of my life ... 
with so much "new" to learn and enjoy.
 1 horse, 1 retired racehorse, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 cockatoo & 1 magpie!
Very different from boarding school.
Today, Boxing Day is their public holiday,
and I am remembering that time with a smile. 

A smile for Tuesday ...