Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 1587: I've been workin my tail off, and it needed it!

"Red", acrylic, ink & collage on canvas

3 days to go, and I need more hours in those days!

(click on image to enlarge)

Today was collages, on canvas & otherwise.

Looks like 30 - 35 ... 

 Some from starts I had prepared earlier ...

Some are done, ready to take to the sale.

"Ford". collage & encaustic on wood

"Farmland", junk mail collage, & ink on wood

Some still have more work to go.

They all look uncertain, wondering what I'll do to them?

Me too.

Update: Some asked about my flood control status?
The 5 giant industrial fans are gone after 6 days, 24-7.
The cut out drywall, now dry, is yet to be repaired.
The stuff that didn't get thrown out in the garage flood
is now stacked in the middle of an oh so messy garage.
I am thankful that it wasn't indoors or my fault. ;op
I still can't get my car in the garage & I got a ticket!
But I got it taken care of. 

A smile for Tuesday ...

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