Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 1580: A bunch of Grandhunks to the rescue!

"guy28", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard

Sometimes I feel like a little kid wanting to cry ...
but I don't. I live alone & nobody sees me anyway.
Still battling standing water in my garage, mentioned here.
Day 4 of this battle & Victor the plumber has come.
Seems plumbing is a big part detective work, 
and he will return to the case tomorrow.
In the meantime I have ruined frames, artwork etc.
On Friday I moved the stuff in danger to the dry side, 
by Sunday it was all sitting in water.
Some of you may know what happens to 
expensive Arches watercolor paper in water? 
Not a pretty sight.

Sunday at noon Grandhunks #2, 3, 4 & 5 showed up to help.
(#4 & 5 are adopted & also terrific!)
They made a few trips to the dumpster,
swept the water out & it reappeared but ...
not much more to do till the water stops.

Just their stopping by did wonders for my morale.

Big, handsome Grandhunks are good for the spirit anytime.
They have offered to return when needed.

My brain wasn't in gear to take a photo.

I went to take aspirin, and spilled the whole bottle 
into an already cluttered drawer!
Do you know that feeling? 
When it's already not going well & because ...
you are scattered, you compound your mistakes?
I am there. Focus! I can do this ...

Surely TMI, big time? Sorry.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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