Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day 1577: Some days are like that?

"girl 4", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage postcard

Big plans today. A big to do list.
On my way to do #1 on the list, take out trash ...
I discovered water standing on my garage floor!  Nooo! 
I had this last March with a broken water heater, here.  
Thankfully, it wasn't my new water heater with all the 
fancy bells & whistles to prevent surprises.
But I definitely had standing water, and ...
a lot of my art work sitting in it.

I admit my garage needed some re-organizing,
 so 11 trips with trash to the dumpster helped.
I called our association, as it may be the dreaded "slab leak"!
They said they would have someone out in an hour. 
Wrong. What they did have was a plumber ...
who will come next Monday between 7 - 9AM.
So much for my plans, but decided to be flexible & clean.
I made a trip to donate frames to Tustin ALT.
Probably more than you needed to know, but it helped me to vent.

Another quick step by step ...

today's face is at upper right

Step 1. Using an ink brush on heavy watercolor 4x6" postcard.

today's face is second from upper left

2. Using watercolor sparingly to shade the face.

3. Add more watercolor for background, (forgot to take a photo)

minimal junk mail collage for this one

4. Add collage papers for hair or wherever needed.
Note: I unintentionally used a water-soluble ink brush,
so got some bleeding, which is okay with me.

A smile for Saturday ...

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