Thursday, November 17, 2016

Day 1575: Chugging along like a lil' factory?

"Red", ink. watercolor & collage postcard

When I teach a class ...
 I promise students a postcard, eventually.
I am behind three classes & it's time to get it done.
Also, I have the 7th Annual Holiday Affaire coming up ...

and I am planning on making custom collages,
for the 2 day event, while they wait? 
What do you think?
They will tell me what they want & I will try.
It will be similar in approach to these postcards.


1. I draw on the heavy watercolor postcard (or canvas)

2. then add watercolor, sparingly for the face.

3. then add color for the background, before ...

"Tyler" before hair

4.  adding papers for collage.

"Tyler",  ink. watercolor & collage postcard

This is an easy, fun & fairly quick process.
        I'd love to get your feedback? Am I nuts?        

76 degrees, Santa Ana, CA


John, Jim, Jess, Jeff, Demura Sensei, Mei, Bill & Scott

Canadian black belt, Jeff Hutton trained with us today.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Kekai Oliver, Lahaina Oliver, me, Minei Oliver & Kiana Oliver, after National Championships, 1983

A smile for Thursday ...


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