Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 1572: So much eye candy, ocular insulin shock!


CCC handrail, I phone photo

I know the nicest people!
 I had an invitation from Ann (aka Raquel Welsh)
to join she, Rose, TJ & Frances on Saturday to go to ...

I had heard about it years ago through artist/friend Sherry Goodloe, 
who attended for years but is now 
gallivanting all over the world house & pet-sitting. 
I was tempted to wear a tag that would say ...
"I know Sherry Goodloe" & get preferential treatment!

In the beautiful Carson Convention Center ...

I was warned to wear comfortable shoes and bring $!

I though I'd just look! But ...?


There were expert demos & "make & takes" too.

Even my weak spot, paper.

Every kind  & color  of supplies & tools.

And some new to me ... but I guess everyone needs a ...
"sparkle sweeper"?

Even some gag gifts and clever socks!

After all of that, we 5 went for a leisurely, delicious Italian meal,
followed by splitting two purely decadent desserts!
"Raquel" chauffeured us home in style,
& I have to admit I had an involuntary nap on the way home.
She promised that I didn't snore!
A great Saturday!

Thank you Ann, Rose, TJ & Frances!

A smile for Monday ...

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