Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 1568: Another day, but different.

"Clara", ink, watercolor, & junk mail collage on journal page

A beautiful 95 degree November day in Irvine, CA.

Wednesday & Thursday I am teaching at
California State University Fullerton, Irvine Campus.
I park in a sea of cars & see a student smile at me, as ...
she sees me taking a picture of the ground!

And then a self - portrait.

I guess you could say I am easily amused? Or, amusing?

On my way to Professor Dru Maurer's CSUF art classes.
Future art educators, she allows me to let them play.

We started with a series of drawing assignments ...
using their choice of one of six faces ...

drawing quickly with a marker & non-dominant hand ...

by Jennifer, Ashley & Sarah

the emphasis was not on realism, but
instead on child-like freedom & fun.

then adding papers as collage ...

and more play.

by Kyle, Andrew & Thuy

by Karolinna & Sonia

by Haylee & Antonella

by unknown & Berry

by Deanna

by Rose & Amy

A brief demo on "stamp people" ...

studenrts were given a postage stamp & 6x24" paper ...

they were asked to exaggerate proportions ...

and have fun!

 Vertical or horizontal ...

horizontal work in progress, by Kyle
& it could be folded and attached in their sketchbook.

A really great group.
A fun 2-1/2 hour class, many works still in progress.
I was most pleased by their individuality.
Thank you Professor Maurer!

 For FB Throwback Thursday ...

age 4 (100 years ago)

A smile for Thursday ...

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