Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 1565: An extra hour and still 10 minutes late?

"Demura Sensei", photo & digital

An extra hour and still 10 minutes late? Yep!
I could make up an excuse, but I was indeed, late.
Luckily they cut me some slack. I'm a senior.
Today was our 51st Annual Inter-dojo Tournament.

A chance for Demura Sensei's dojos ...
to compete and enjoy camaraderie.

photo by Denise Caras

Our Genbu Kai Taiko group, start the day's activities.
Ages 11 - adult, they will perform in Las Vegas in 2017.

photo by Thanh Nguyen

Black belt kata demo & board braking demonstrations.

Frank & Frank at work


National Champion, Brian Hilliard

Proud son Brian & proud Mom, Isbell     

John  & Michael

Jess, Mei, Brian, JoJo & Thanh

Jim & Jody, photo by Jim Namekata

future Olympian Hannah, photo by Jennifer Moss

Demura Sensei & Mei, photo by Mei Okamura

We thank you Demura Sensei!

A smile for Monday ...

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