Thursday, November 3, 2016

Day 1561: Somethings are priceless!

"from Kansas", photos, ink drawing & digital

Still on Grandma duty at the big house.
(Compared to my little condo, everybody has a big house.)

2 very tall Grandhunks, Laker & me.
The guys are self sufficient, they drive, do their own laundry ...
but food is an important issue for growing young men.
GH2 got home from varsity BB practice @ 5:30, hungry!
GH3 was in BB practice, we decided on Islands.

A Grandhunk 
favorite & 

So GH2 and I got some time together.


A 17 year old senior at OLU, with a sweet girlfriend, 

a heavy school load & varsity BB ...

one on one time is rare, even priceless!
Time to look across the table & listen, meant so much!
We ordered a barbecued chicken salad, no tomatoes
 to take home for Zack for when he got home.
I mentioned to Jake that yesterday's blog was about GH3 ...
and that it was 1560 days in a row.
He said "Oh, 4 years and 100 days, that's cool!"
I said ... what?
Did I mention he is also very smart, and 
compared to his Grandma, a math genius!

85 degrees, Santa Ana, Ca.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

AAU National Championships, Richmond, VA 1984

A smile for Thursday ...

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