Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 1560: Tough decisions.

"'blue poppy",  I-phone photos & digital

Back on Grandma duty at the big house for 3 days.

The giant Grandhunks 2 & 3, Laker & me. 
While Superman & WonderWoman  ...

flew to Las Vegas on business.
So I asked WW for any ideas for today's blog?
WW said "maybe Zack playing FB but ... switching to BB?"

Grandhunk #3 just turned 16 and is 6'3" & strong!
He played Freshman FB last year at OLU ...
& had 3 documented concussions.
I took GH3 to see the movie Concussion.

We sat in the top row at the theater, so GH3 had leg room.
During the movie, he noticed me crying & was concerned.
I responded that I didn't want to see him get hurt.
I realize that the camaraderie between young men in FB
is strong, probably more so than any other sport.
He really looked forward to playing again this year,  but ...
another concussion made him decide to switch to basketball.
FB Coach Peterson wasn't thrilled, but to his credit
ultimately supported this decision. 
A big decision at 16.
Did I mention GH3 is very smart?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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