Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 1559: Thank Goodness for old photos!

"Aunt Martha at 18", photo, collage & digital

You say "November 1st", I say "Aunt Martha."
That's just how my mind works.
I love this picture of my Mom's second oldest sister, 
high school graduate, Martha.


And, this picture of three of the family's four teachers.

Aunt Martha, Aunt Pauline & Aunt Fern

Originally ten children grew up on the Beatty farm.

front: Aunt Fern, Grandpa, Grandma, Mom  back row: Aunt Vonda, Uncle Pete,Aunt Martha, Uncle Les & Aunt Pauline

Aunt Martha dated Uncle Jerry.

Uncle Jerry & Aunt Martha

They were married many years.

Aunt Martha & Uncle Jerry

I remember he smoked a pipe.

Uncle Russell, Aunt Fern, Aunt Pauline, Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha, Uncle Jerry, & Grandpa.

Aunt Martha was a master teacher her whole life, 
and retired & married Uncle Jewell.

Uncle Jewell & Aunt Martha on the Queen Mary, Long Beach. CA 1973

Aunt Martha was an artist & a great lady, 
with a wonderful sense of humor.
One of the very best, ever.  
I miss her so.

Aunt Vonda & Aunt Martha,

Happy Birthday Aunt Martha!

78 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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