Monday, October 31, 2016

Day 1558: Of course they can fly, but jump???

"Frankie", ink, watercolor & tissue collage journal page, (work in progress)
Happy Halloween!

If you saw yesterday's post here, you know ...
while the Grandhunks, Laker & I were safe at the big house,
the Superheroes were off to jump out of a plane!

Off with Superman's little brother Jimmy & his wife Lauren

to celebrate her 40th birthday in style.
All will jump!

And, sign their life away.

Ready to go ...

Serious time ...
 going up!

What's going through your mind right about now?

Ready, set, fly!

That's Superman!

Then WonderWoman ...

flies high!


Meanwhile, back on earth ...
Grandhunks 2 & 3 & I ate at Kimmie's
our favorite place for a  great breakfast.

I'm sure Kimmie's looks forward to us coming in?
Zack (GH#3) and I went to see The Accountant.
We both liked it. In the theater foyer they had 
this cut-out for another movie ...

 you gotta love a 16 year old, 6'3" kid who ...
will pose in this for his Grandma! Right?
Every bit as good as jumping out of a plane!


A smile for Monday ...

Happy Halloween!

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