Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 1556: End of this Round Robin exchange.

"roundrobin" journal exchange spread, ink, watercolor & collage

Just finished my last entry in the Round-Robin journal exchange.
I will mail it soon to Cherrill, it's actual owner, and ...
mine should be coming to me after a year.

step 1

Staring with the 11 x 8.5" heavy watercolor paper spread.
Some of the earlier spreads seeped through the spine, so ...

step 2

I started by sealing the spine, thinking I might do a face?

step 3

I love working with the paper shapes, 
but seems like its going to go sideways?

step 4

I really liked this one, and would have stopped here ...
but it's not for me & I think Cherrill might like more.

step 5

Junk mail, watercolor and china marker ...

step 6

just playing with layers of watercolor & paper.

step 7

Layered a light area as a base for the hair.

step 8

She is starting to show where to put stuff.

step 9

Almost done.

step 10

I like her. I hope Cherrill will. Do you?

So grateful for your stopping by,
and wishing you a lovely weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...

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