Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 1550: I found myself smiling at her, and ...

"girl5", ink, watercolor & junk mail collage on a journal page

Home & playing around.
My journal # 87 is nearing full.
This piece started with a wonky drawing ...
that seemed to need a bit of watercolor...

I drew a bunch of quick faces on my journal pages,
with minimal detail, and fast.
The above is one, others are here, here & here
and ready or not, there are more to come!

Then I started adding junk mail, 
an annoying Ashley furniture ad to be exact.
And it started to be fun!

I know I could add more. 
Maybe make it look more finished?
But I am on this kick of seeing how little I can do ...
and still give the look I want.
I found myself smiling at her, and ...
I think that may be a good thing?
What do you think?
 I love your feedback. Really, I do!

Wishing you a smiling Sunday!

A smile for Sunday ...

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