Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 1539: Blue plastic booties that squish when I walk!

"hardtimes", collage & old photo journal spread

Norma did it again. She rescued me.
But let me backtrack. Today was carpet cleaning day.
Had to move furniture & get everything up off the floor 
so Luis could work some magic.
I always ask how long it will take to dry?
Luis & all of his predecessors always say 2 hours!
On what planet or alternate universe?
So I get out the fans & wear the blue plastic booties, 

a real fashion statement that squish as I walk.
I don't want to roll in the office chair yet, so ...
I am perched on a folding stool and I am cold!
Look at e-mails, I think. That will distract you.
I see an e-mail from Norma, always a good thing.

It is brief :

Draw your stickman and click when done.
Click here

So I did. I hope you're getting the whole visual?
Me, precariously hunched at my screen,
drawing a stickman, with glee. (I hope you tried it?)

It takes so little to thrill me.
Cheap date indeed! 
Thanks Norma!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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