Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 1530: Bless Norma's heart! And it's a good ♥ already!

"Shed", photos, china marker & digital

Bless Norma's heart! And it's a good ♥ already! Indeed!
Norma is one of those people you cherish in your life.
I do hope you have one in your life too?
I have mentioned this talented artist before here.
Norma is kind enough to comment daily on my silly blog.
Sometimes she asks a question & it sparks a new blog.
Bless her heart! I need all the help I can get! 

So ... Norma said: Sounds like a fun and very interesting day.  
Did you find any papers you just had to have?
Love the smile!!!!  Happy Sunday!
And, I said:  Thanks Norma! Yes, afraid so, bought 2 small hand made journals, 
3 sheets of $ Japanese paper that I had never seen before & 
6 square postcards nice enough to  frame & a wedding gift. 
This may turn in to tomorrow's blog?
 And I took some cool close ups of the machinery! 
See, you help me out so often Norma!

From Hitomi Papers I bought ...

3 - 18 x 24" woodcut washi papers

$ ka- ching!

From Buddha Cat Press I bought 2 hand made journals ...

From Clever Ink, I bought 6  -  6" square postcards ...
I would have loved to buy the whole alphabet!

I bought something from Two hand design but I can't share, 
it's a gift. And she's smart & sees this blog!

We got lots of cards, postcards, paper samples, 
a huge calendar, bookmarks and stuff ...

and Valerie & I both inked and printed 
sheets on various antique printing machines.
We also paid $1. for a lead slug of our name ...

so in case we run into a printing press, we'll be ready!
And a special thanks to artist/friend Valerie ...
who drove and makes anywhere fun!

A smile for Monday ...

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