Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 1528: I was ahead, but now I am not!

"Carny", I photo

Funny how that works, I was ahead but now, I am not!
That could probably be said for a variety of topics, 
but I was referring to a blog post done ahead,
(an unusual state for me)
But then it got used yesterday, & now I am looking for #1528?

I am sitting here, house-sitting at the big house, 
and grand-dog-sitting with Laker. It's very quiet.
I am working on my new top-of-the-line Mac Pro lap top,
and have not yet mastered the learning curve.
At home, it's still easier for me to go to my "significant other",
the old,  slow,  out-dated,  un-upgradable 2006 Mac Pro!

He and I are still an item! We have so much in common!
Don't tell Brandon,  he wants me to move on ... break the ties!
If I ever reach that point, I will not ...
recycle the big handsome, hunky, heavy tower.
Instead, it will become an unusual retro end table!
I am loyal to a fault!

A smile for Saturday ...

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