Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 1525: I♥NY Last Hurrah!

top deal, junk mail collage


TMI Notice:
I admit I have been fixated on NYC for awhile now.
It was my first trip to NYC & a fabulous Mother/Daughter trip!
In brief form, while on the actual 5 day magical trip,
(9/14 here, 9/15 here, 9/16 here, 9/17 here & 9/18 here)
& lately filling in with some of the 600 photos!
(9/20 here, 9/22 here, 9/23 here, 9/24 here, 9/25 here, 9/27 here)
So today covers our last NYC days & the trip home. Done.
Images will creep into my artwork though, so be forewarned.

Sunday morning
we were up early in order to fit in as much ...

as possible before heading for JFK.

We stored luggage & walked to ...

 Central Park.

843 acres in the middle of the 305 miles of NYC ...

and it's 8.5 million people.

We loved it! Then ...

brunch reservations at Tavern on the Green.

Back to the hotel with NY's finest & the start of UN week.

Then, a cab to JFK airport ...

leaving New York' JKF for ... 

Orange County's Long Beach


Thanks to our daughters for 5 perfect days!


Trip sidebar:

Friend, and artist Jan commented: 
"Jacki, another lovely "travel along" post. 
I love your photos but I'm exhausted just following along :-)"

I responded: "Thanks Jan! It was a fast paced trip 
but the girls had everything so well planned that 
I wouldn't have changed a second of it. 
I do admit when I got home I was beyond exhausted, 
but it was so worth it. 
I am almost back to my normal snail pace!"

A smile for Wednesday ...

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