Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 1511: Am I a genius or a late learner?

"Ann", acrylic, collage & photo

Did you know you can skin a generic journal?
I so admire artists who make their own journals from scratch.

thanks Irene

I've made a couple, with help, but am short on patience.

thanks John, Brian & Terry

I guess I'm usually more concerned with 
getting to the inside,  than the external wrapper?
So in my classes, they get a bound journal w/black cover.

8.5  x 11" journal

Generic & utilitarian, but not very appealing?
Some cover it, some use strapping tape collage, 
some paint ... this time I skinned mine!

4 x 6" journal

Beneath the black pebble surface is a felt-ish cardboard.
A soft cut with a blade & the black surface peels away.
I thought I would draw or collage on the skinned area,
and I might, but for now I love the grey flannel look.
Have you done this, or am I genius? ;op

A smile for Wednesday ...

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