Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 1510: A haircut and Pacific check ...

"Coat", acrylic, junk mail collage

Getting ready for my first trip to NYC!

Every time this comes up I seem to need to explain
how I could have traveled to China, Hong Kong, Macau,
Singapore, Amsterdam, Fiji, Australia, Slovakia
New Zealand, Tasmania, Bali, Java, Jo-Jakarta, 
Japan x5, Hungary, Australia etc. & most of the states,
yet this will be my first trip to NYC! 
I saw it from NJ once, but that barely counts?

I am excited!

Wanting to look better, I got my hair cut on Saturday.

My hairdresser, Lee, is in Corona Del Mar, so ...

after a healthy lunch @ Zinc, I swung by for a Pacific check.

I do this for artist/friend Lynn in Colorado who misses it ...

 so I take pics to let her know the Pacific is still here.
She likes it & I like her. ;o)

79 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

(Demura Sensei is teaching in Kansas)

And, look what I found in my hombu dojo mailbox today!

Don't you love it when someone is kind & thoughtful?
Thank you Hannah, you made my day!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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