Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day 1503: GH #1 returns, for the weekend.

"Grandma's Puzzle", collage, photo & digital

How was your Labor Day Weekend?

Good I hope?
Mine was unplanned but terrific!

On Friday, Grandhunk #2 & the OLU basketball team

and WW & Superman helped in the cooking department,
for the annual team fund raising event.
GH #3 was at the OLU football game, which they won.
Saturday I joined the family that I made adopt me, here
Sunday, GH #3 came at noon and helped me with my yard.
Then we joined everyone at Family Night, 

Hoda, Jordan & Mike

where they surprised we grandparents with GH#1!
He caught a ride home from UofA for the long weekend.
I almost dropped my dessert when I saw him!


I don't know if WW will let him go?
Not expecting to see him till Thanksgiving, 
it was a real treat!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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