Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 1500: On being an only child, or not.

"1911", old photo, collage & digital

1500 ?

1500 days in a row seems huge to me.

That's 4 years & 40 days, non-stop.
Nothing earthshaking or important, 
but, nonetheless I showed up everyday.


One day at a time.

I was an only child. Still am.

age 1

I was not consulted or given an option.
There were advantages & disadvantages.
Two advantages come to mind.
#1. You don't have to share.

my shoes
#2. You become responsible & self-reliant.
 As for the disadvantages,  mainly one.
You don't have anyone to blame things on,
they know it was you, there is only you!
And so, you accomplish #2 above, by default.

I have watched my Granhunks interact over the years ...
always amazed how different 3 from the same parents can be!
All cool, great, similar but different.
They developed skills & find great joy on blaming each other.
They are territorial, but eventually share out of survival.
Some are super aware of everything being even.
They see everything their brothers do. Everything!
It goes in their arsenal for when they need to attack.
They can say mean things to each other, and do, or did.
But heaven help an outsider who says it.


You see, I missed all that!
I think about this as I live alone. 
I have no one to blame the OJ not being returned to the frig.
But then, I am responsible and fairly self-reliant.

As for the sharing part ...
I finally realized I will not live long enough to 
use up my goodies, so I drag them to my classes ...
and share.

A smile for Saturday ...


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