Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 1497: When I think of him, I smile.

"Uncle Skete, photo & digital

When I think of Uncle Skete, I smile. I do.
His real name was Russel, but I called him Uncle Skete?
He was third born in a family of 10 children.
He began farming as a very young boy. 
His Dad gave him young horses to break and use as his own.
He drove a horse/buggy 7 miles to Lebanon High School each day.

not sure?, Uncle Owen, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Skete, Uncle Pete & Grandpa

5 years older than Aunt Fern, my Mom's eldest sister,
 he was out of high school before Aunt Fern started.

Uncle Skete, Aunt Fern, Aunt Pauline, Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha, Uncle Jerry & Grandpa

Uncle Skete and Aunt Fern were sweethearts 
for many years before marrying in 1925. 

Wedding day, 1925

Aunt Fern finished her first year of teaching 
and they were married the next day.

They had daughter Katha, & were married over 50 years.
Personally, when I think of Uncle Skete, 
I hear his laugh & I picture him in his chair ...

after a long day working his farm.
Special memories of a wonderful man. 
Today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday Uncle Skete!

93 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

(19 kata, a private lesson! )

A smile for Wednesday ...

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