Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 1487: Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up.

"Gloria", old photo, digitized

I love close-ups.
Not of me of course, that's scary!
Only a few friends will put up with me at galleries.
The reason, I take really close ups.
I love finding treasure spots within larger treasures.

So, in Thursday's class (here
I took my choice of close ups of the 12 artists in class.
They are in the same order as shown here.
In my opinion,  they are gallery-worthy-stunning!

by Josie

by Sarina

by Rose

by T.J.

by Irene

by Julie

by Ann

by Leslie

by Carrol

by Liesda

by Katharine

by Connie

What do you think?
I'd love to know your thoughts or favorites?

Thanks for visiting,.
Happy Sunday!

A smile for Sunday ...

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