Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 1482: Now you see what I see ...

me, iPhone photo using Prisma app

Today was one of those days when I was stumped!
What would Day1482 blog be about?
I looked at my blank screen, then noticed  ... 

the weird torn paper sculpture on top.
Then I looked around the tiny room that I work in.


Mail art from John, Terry, Brandy, Irene & more.

Little gifts, photos, rusties & eye candy.
There's a story behind almost every one.
I have this little sign posted ... from years ago.

I try to be organized, but ...

work in progress

 some of the things have been there for years ...

"Dawn" collage on canvas & a kanji by Demura Sensei

a sort of time capsule I guess, lots of baskets etc.

It's a small 12 x 12'  room ...

with art supplies ...

okay, lots of supplies ... but all necessary,


small canvas by artist, Jenny Doh

and so many papers take up a lot of space.

On the walls ...

signed print by my hero, artist, Corita
Otsuka art, top one was gift from Duke O.

really special art works and old photos ...

by artist, Josie Hamilton

that inspire me.

People who visit this little room ...
either love or hate it.
WonderWoman says it makes her itch!
But then she's the "Martha Stewart, shiny-counter" type!
Was this TMI?
I would love your feedback.

99 degrees Santa Ana, CA  no a/c, 3 fans.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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