Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 1477: Last night & Last lunch ...

Whole, junk mail collage & photo

Tuesday Night I did a demo for Torrance Art Guild.
A large and successful group of artists.
Held in the beautiful Torrance Cultural Arts Complex.


The modern & natural beauty is a unique multi-purpose complex.  Built for convenience and diversity, the Center houses 
meeting and banquet rooms, visual and performing arts studios,

a 502-seat theater, 2 large outdoor plazas & more.


I arrived early to photograph Pine Wood Garden
 an authentic Japanese garden, to be featured here soon.

If I sound impressed,
I really am, 
Torrance has a wonderful complex which is well used.
While there I saw a fencing, kendo, zumba and
ballet classes in progress.

 I demonstrated several collage techniques ...

working with junk mail & newsprint ...
on multiple canvases.

It is customary for demonstrators to donate 
artwork for a fund-raising raffle.

Artist Vickie Myers won the raffle and ...
selected this finished canvas.

Wednesday morning WonderWoman called to see if 
I could join her & Grandhunk #1 for lunch @ Shabu Shabu?


Is the Pope Catholic?

Another chance to see & say bye before he leaves Friday for ...

 Hugs were in order.

Yes, I am standing up!
And, I made it to day class too!

92 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Grandhunks 2,3 & 1, 2008

A smile for Thursday ...

by street artist, Alexander Orion

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