Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 1473: The Liquid Shard and tacquitos?

"Olvera Street", photo, junk mail collage & digital

I read about the Liquid Shard & had to go!
I texted a photo to Grandhunk # 3 and asked  ...
if he wanted to go Saturday & have lunch at Olvera Street?

He said yes. Actually, he said "sure, I'll ask Mom!"

 A few minutes later, a text from WW saying...
"I'll go and can drive."
Win, win & triple win in WW's car!
An hour, twenty minutes in traffic & we were there!

I love LA! The buildings, the street art, the energy. 

Pershing Square, is a public park in downtown LA. 

One square block, bounded by 5th, 6th , Hill & Olive Streets.

 I's atop a huge underground parking garage, where WW parked.

And there it was, a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture comprised of ...

thousands of silver streamers, 

actually holographic mylar strips, 

stretching 15,000 sq ft. across the park ...

rising & falling like some kind of mystical giant, 
hovering & slithering through the wind. 


The project, titled Liquid Shard, is the work of Patrick Shearn, president and co-founder of art collective Poetic Kinetics, who teamed up with AA Visiting School Los Angeles design program. 

The dazzling installation, which is strung up from
the postmodern park’s purple bell tower, 
will be on view through August 11.


It's hard for pictures to do justice, so if time allows, 
the 2 minute video  here, has Keith Kurlander 
exploring the installation. Music by IdIoT-SaVanT.
 Or, I have posted some shorter videos of the shard 
on my Instagram account:

Then ...

Whenever I am in LA, I finagle a way to Olvera Street.

for my favorite food on the planet ...

tacquitos from Cielito Lindo
What a great day!
Thank you WonderWoman & Grandhunk #3!
And, thank you for stopping by.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

A smile for Sunday ...

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