Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 1466: Breakfast at Kimmie's with Grandhunks!

"Mrs. Bohanon", old photo, collage & digital

Saturday morning was breakfast at Kimmies,
with Grandhunks #2 & 3, Grandhunk #1 had to work.
Food at Kimmie's is always great, 
but time with these handsome hunks ... priceless! 
GH#3, age 15-3/4 with a permit, drove us in my car.
If you have read this blog, you already know ...
our whole family is nuts, but we have fun.
I keep a jacket, visor, scarf & bag in my car, 
you know,  just in case?

GH#2, 17, found them and ...

tried them on!

Did I mention that they are nuts?

And can you tell I am nuts about them?

Being a Grandma is the best!

A smile for Sunday ...

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