Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 1464: Meet Lily!

"Lily",  junk mail collage, photo & digital

If you saw yesterday's blog, here,
you know I'm crazy about Aunt Vonda's school photos.

I have & treasure hundreds.
Many have a name on the back.
Today's choice was blank, so I named her Lily.

I love everything about this photo.
I started a collage using phone-book pages ...

step 1

then adding various types of newsprint.

step 2

& scraps where I had cleaned acrylics off a brush.

step 3

The scanner cut off a skice of the left side.

step 4

Lily is printed on mulberry paper ...
thus the partial transparency.

step 5

Then I played a bit with filers.

step 6

Not thrilled with my work, but I learn by experimenting.
I lost a lot of Lily's details in how I initially printed her, 
(the original is so special) so will try to do better on future faces.
Would so love your feedback if you have time?

A smile for Friday ...

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