Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 1456: Is it okay to eat fish before ...

"Gossip Girl", photo, junk mail collage & digital

Is it okay to eat fish before going to see ...

the movie, Finding Dory?
Or is it appropriate?
WonderWoman invited me to lunch & a movie.
Took a whole nano-second to reply.

I wore my new hat from WW's recent trip to the Hampton's,
and we headed out in Zack's Jeep for lunch.

My first time at ...

but won't be the last! Oh my goodness!

WW had the Cajun salmon salad.
Not knowing how big, I ordered two fish tacos! So good!
I ate both & will be full till next Tuesday.

Then it was off to Find Dory.

For a few minutes we had the whole theater to ourselves.
We sat in the dark remembering all the Disney movies
we'd taken little ones to & how they are now giants!
A super fun day!
Thank you, WonderWoman!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Gogen Yamaguchi, Tokyo, Japan 1984


A smile for Thursday ...

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