Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 1455: When in a hole, dig out and ...

"therapy", junk mail collage & digital

When in a hole, dig out & ...  make a postcard ? 

step 1

Been overwhelmed by all the craziness out there.
Seems a huge shortage caring, kindness & love.
And, an abundance of the other stuff!

step 2, junk mail

So I make a postcard?

step 3, more junk mail

Nothing great or earth-changing ...

step 4,  junk mail & Thomas map

no solution ...

step 5, magazine scrap

no answers ...

step 6, old newsprint photo

but a kind of therapy ...

step 7, more junk mail

  that helps a little. 

step 8, ready to address & mail


Thanks so much for stopping by.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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