Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 1454: Getting an early start! Who? Me?

"House", junk mail collage, gesso & ink

Before the end of each month, I need to ...

complete a 8.5" x 11" journal spread and mail it on.
I am a card-carrying member of 

the Procrastinator's club, but ...

step 1, marker

for the first time, I actually started early, on the 17th!
I usually never draw first, but ...

step 2, marker

it was late at night, and just kept drawing ... and drawing.
Thinking I could collage over it, if it didn't work out.

step 3, marker

Somehow, I didn't look to see who this journal belonged to?

step 4, markers

I took a break to go on FB to send a birthday wish to Mary Ann,
... a few minutes later I noticed this journal is hers!

step 5, marker, stabillo & tissue

Now it's mostly done, but needs something?
What do you think? 
A tag, a banner, a story-line, what?
I need help! Please?

89 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

And in the good news department ...

great job Brian, your hard work paying off big time!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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