Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 1453: Not knocking their talent, but ...

"Things Happen", collage, acrylic & digital

I follow a few blogs, maybe eight total.
Most post sporadically, so it's a daily surprise.
I love it when they post. It's a gift. 
Some because of their art, some their humor, 
photography, knowledge or creativity.
I learn & enjoy, usually in a minute or less.
They inspire me. And it's free! Win - win!

One is Darlene Campbell, here
Our styles are different, but I am drawn to her energy.
I read, enjoy & leave, usually without commenting.
Then I remembered how much a comment means to me ...
so yesterday I left this comment  ...
( and discovered today's blog title in the process).

Title, "No Bra, No Teeth, No Service"

"I apologize Darlene, I don't stop often to comment,
even though I follow your every blog.
I love your work because it comes organically from you.
I love artwork where you can tell the artist has fun creating.
(Not knocking their talent, 
but I don't think the Old Masters had much fun?)
Your work reminds me of carbonation ...
delightful bubbles rising involuntarily from the bottom. 
TMI? ♥"

Thanks Darlene.
And, thank you for stopping by.

A smile for Monday ...

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