Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 1452: Can a face melt a heart?

"Noelle +" photo, collage & digital

Can a face melt a heart?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's scientific proof somewhere.
So I did my own research.
Before braving the Apple Store yesterday ...
I had lunch at a favorite place, Shin Sen Gumi
with favorite people, Brandon, Courtney, Noelle & Nova.

Noelle, 5

The food was delicious, but my camera loved the girls!

Nova, 2-1/2

Then at the Apple Store, we met Meg and Avi.

Avienda, 3 months

Three month old Avi was captivating, 
and undaunted by the noisy environment. 
She took in everything ...

feeling secure with Brandon, an experienced Dad.
 And a little later ...

 a nap.


I felt like my camera thanked me for these pics. 

Thanks so much for stopping by,
wishing you a wonderful weekend.

A smile for Sunday ...

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