Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 1445: Saturday morning playtime!

"Canister", collages digital

step 1

This is where I left off Friday ...
china marker & red ink scribbles & a smudge of acrylic.
No plan,  I just ran out of time.
Now as I return, I am thinking collage?

step 2 & 3

Using some of the cool paper from Lynn in Colorado ...
two strips of delicious printed tissue paper.
Now what?

step 4 & 5

How about two scraps of checkerboard sandwich wrap?

step 6, 7 & 8

It is now that I am seriously auditioning stuff ...
rotating, tearing, discarding ... waiting for divine intervention!

steps 9 - 19?

Suddenly seeing a tired duck? No, I don't want that!

Rotated 90' & added Stabillo "woody's" for color. 
Not what I expected, but almost done.

Done. Did you catch the changes?

postcard back, ready to address and mail

Mail art, fun to make and fun to receive.
What do you think?

A smile for Sunday ...

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