Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 1440: I'm gonna get 3 out of 1!

"Laguna Highway", photo & digital collage

It's true! I am going to get three blogs out of that one day ...
"Lolligagging in Laguna" as seen here.
You see I took 150 photos & only used half.
So today, the "ART-A-Fair" ...

located in between the Sawdust Festival & Festival of the Arts 
(which will be a future adventure).
So after about two hours roaming the Sawdust ...
Val and I were getting a bit silly & hungry!

So look where we ate lunch!

(view from our table)

And yes, it really was this gorgeous!

Tivoli II

We were running out of time, because ...
of someone's "hot date at the Hollywood Bowl", but ...
before we left I found what I considered the find of the day!

Meet Collette Siegman! Booth B36
I love her work so much! She prints on mulberry paper, 

does lino cuts & printmaking & collage!

(of her son when he was little)

I apologize for my photography, 
her work is so much better in person.

(I apologize I missed the title)

I call this one Superman & WonderWoman ...
and would buy it for them if I had a mint.

titled, The Suitor

Collette said she goes on the theory ... more is more!

A lady after my own heart!

titled, China Doll

I am such a fan.

titled, The Mailman

I think I need to start a fan club!
Wanna join?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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