Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 1435: Just barely making it under the wire!

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 Just barely making it under the wire!
This round robin journal is due to be mailed by the 30th.
Being one of those who waits till the last possible moment,
I am finishing it today.

step 1, the plank journal spread

8.5 x 11" heavy watercolor paper ...

step 2

No plans, but decided to try the new watercolors ...


I have friends who are master water-colorists,

step 3

but it definitely doesn't rub off on me!

step 4

And so, when I get in trouble, I think ... collage!

step 5

Maps, junk mail ...

step 6

newspaper, tissue, whatever is handy.

step 7

Almost done. Not quite.

step 8

China marker & ink as the last step.
Sometimes I go too far, don't know when to quit.
What do you think?  I need your feedback!

For Throwback Thursday ...

Grandhunk #3 & me at age 4

A smile for Thursday ...

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