Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 1431: Eastside faces?

"143", photo, collage & digital

Last Wednesday, the Eastside group met for June.
A full house of all nine members, 9 - 3PM ...
for a day of art, food & friendship.
We were at Erin's ...

 who has the perfect place & she is so kind to share.
We worked on faces ...

Libby Williamson expanded on an earlier 2013 journal page

using a wide variety of mediums ...

trying out new techniques with graphite, Stabillo's, 
intense blocks, watercolor, pencils, markers & even collage.

by Marilyn Gallas & Libby Williamson

We were not going for finished masterpieces, 
but rather to just experiment & play!

by Linda Bucci

I knew who each face belonged to when I photographed them,
but now, a few days later ... I am afraid I may label them wrong.

by Erin Houghton

Erin assured me you'd like to see them even if 
they are not properly identified?

by Erin Houghton

by Jody Bradshaw

by Jody Bradshaw

by Sherrill Lander

by Diane Calderwood

by Norma Prickett

by ? not sure, please claim?

by Marilyn Gallas

by Libby Williamson, graphite & water

a very impressed Bentley.

Bentley, knowing he was greatly outnumbered, took a nap.

A smile for Sunday ...

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