Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 1430x: Playing with PS layers.

"Guy", photo, collage & digital

I work in Photoshop.
In my tiny "Mom & no Pop" advertising business, it's a necessity.
It's a love/hate relationship, but mostly love.
The love because of what PS can do ...
the hate part is my limited abilities.
Today I thought I would show you a quick PS step-by-step.
I save all of my work, and sometimes, combine them.
I especially like to combine ones that don't seem to relate.

step 1, a very plain, simple paper collage

step 2, smiley-guy, an adjusted photo

step 3 tissue scrap, rotated 45' clockwise

step 4, a part of step 1 collage, flipped horizontally and @ 49' opacity


step 5, final

I worked with one more layer that I later decided to delete, 
so four layers, forty minutes of playing around.
Some are quicker, some take longer.
I'd love to hear your thoughts?

A smile for Saturday ...

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