Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 1425: Felt like old times, only different?

"woods", photo altering

Felt like old times, only different?
Last day of Grandma duty ...

Just Grandhunks #1 & #3, Laker and me in the big house.
Grandhunk # 3 now drives me in my car. And well!
The other 3 Superheroes will be home later
in time to celebrate Father's Day.
I feel the need to extol the virtues of my son-in-law...

You might say Superman doesn't need accolades?
I say the other Superman doesn't have three teenage sons,
who he has raised strictly but with great love.
Some say they "love", our Superman proves it ...
as a successful business man who puts his family first.

He is there for every game for every son.
There is time for family trips & family time.
He is home evenings with his family instead of at his office.
A great Dad & husband ...
Happy Father's Day to the real ...

A smile for Monday ...

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