Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 1421: Treasure every day.

Sorcerer, acrylic, ink & collage in altered journal

We are still in the dojo. I trained today. 

paneling off, down to bare walls

The paneling is down to the bare walls
Just a desk light to light the bathroom. 

Getting down to the bare bones.
The mats will be the last to go, so until then ...

tatami mats show wear and repairs

some of us lucky enough to be nearby, 
still show up and train. 

picture taken by black belt, Mei Okamura

I will go again tomorrow, but I fear we are almost done.
At this point, any extra day is a blessing.

And, a funny thing happened today at the dojo ...
while cleaning up the back room they found ...
this dusty old trophy!

Someone had mercifully broke off the year, but ...
the 20 + years of dust shows the age.

Neither Demura Sensei or I remember it, 
so maybe ...  way back then, he changed his mind?
I got to bring it home today. Dust and all.


Gradually all the dojo contents are being moved.

(Chris and his Samurai friend cruising to the new dojo)

And, after day class Demura Sensei, 
known for his amazing kanji (calligraphy) 
signed a poster and I was lucky to film it ...
and be given this beautiful vintage poster.
(You can see the 1 minute video on Instagram here,
or view it as my first youtube video here)

"shin ei tai"

With all the tragedies lately, I like many, have been
 frustrated & feeling down, but I am better today.
Maybe I need to treasure each day that I have
and look for the positives within it?
Tomorrow is unknown.

84 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

1976 Demo,  Doug Ivan, Demura Sensei & Makoto Ibushi

A smile for Thursday ...

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