Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day 1412: How in the world do they feed them?

"cowboy", junk mail collage postcard

As mentioned yesterday (here
while on Grandma duty with Laker ...

Grandma & Laker, so you'll know which is which ...

the Superheroes AZ trip included 4 adults & 
7 teenage young men ages 15 - 18.

most time is on or in the water

but naturally you might ask ...
"How in the world do they feed them?'

a big table & lots of food

After another day on the water & record 122 degree heat, 
they tell me, you find a steak house with 
a good supply on hand and ... 
you get out of the way!

Rest up AZ, watch out OC ...

all will be home as you read this.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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