Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 1408: ... feeling pretty big-headed right now!

"fragile", junk mail collage postcard

Often people ask how I come up with a blog daily?
Honestly, I never know?
Sometimes I am responding to an e-mail ...
and say something silly & decide that it sounds like a blog?
Today I wrote to Valerie saying ...
"Irene did a very kind blog about me today, 
so I am feeling pretty big-headed right now, 
but I should deflate back down in time?".
So yes, there's a blog title in there somewhere.

by Irene Rafael

Irene Rafael is a wonderful artist.

by Irene Rafael

She is also my friend, my sometimes travel companion
and amazingly, sometimes student ...

by Irene Rafael

driving way too far, through way too much LA freeway traffic
to play in my silly classes. But, I'm sure glad she does.

by Irene Rafael

Of course, I love her for that!
Thank you Irene.

A smile for Friday ...

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