Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 1435: Just barely making it under the wire!

"image", drawing, photo & digital

 Just barely making it under the wire!
This round robin journal is due to be mailed by the 30th.
Being one of those who waits till the last possible moment,
I am finishing it today.

step 1, the plank journal spread

8.5 x 11" heavy watercolor paper ...

step 2

No plans, but decided to try the new watercolors ...


I have friends who are master water-colorists,

step 3

but it definitely doesn't rub off on me!

step 4

And so, when I get in trouble, I think ... collage!

step 5

Maps, junk mail ...

step 6

newspaper, tissue, whatever is handy.

step 7

Almost done. Not quite.

step 8

China marker & ink as the last step.
Sometimes I go too far, don't know when to quit.
What do you think?  I need your feedback!

For Throwback Thursday ...

Grandhunk #3 & me at age 4

A smile for Thursday ...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 1434: So maybe I don't hoard, I curate?

"Backroom", junk mail collage

Back home tonight & kinda tired, looking for a blog!
I looked through my i-photos for an idea ...
and found these unused photos from May 31, 2009.

I love textures ...






with words ...
or numbers ...
it's a bonus!


rust, patina & patterns ...

so these came in handy!


So, maybe I don't hoard stuff, I curate?
I would love your opinion!

a quick commercial ...
in case your in the neighborhood and want to play for 3 hours?

Graphite and Mixed Media
Saturday July 2, 2016 -- 10:00AM to 1:00PM
Join artist Jacki Long in this fun class that uses a variety of media. Try out and play with water soluble graphite creating loose and textured backgrounds. Jacki will show you how to combine this with acrylics and collage on canvas. Each student will work on their own mix media painting during this class.
REGISTRATION: $45. All materials provided. Ages 15+. Skill Level: All.
Limited seats are available for these classes, so sign up here  today!

A smile for Wednesday ...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 1433: Texas, Tucson and the Bren Center, oh my!

"Sherry", collage & digital

4 days Grandma duty at the big house ...

just Laker, Grandhunk # 2 and I.

 Grandhunk #2 drives, 
has a job and is ...
on OLU's varsity summer BB team,
so we don't see him much 
except at bedtime. 
I did go to UCI's Bren Center yesterday ...
to see he & his team play Capo Valley.

(my Grandhunk is the cute one!)

Meanwhile, Grandhunk #3 is in Texas ...

visiting good friend Connor for a week.


 Superman, WonderWoman & Grandhunk #1
flew to Tucson, AZ.


Grandhunk #1 attended a 3 day U of A leadership camp,

and got his dorm room ...

view of  U of A campus from his room, photo by WW

Like father, like son (... and that's a good thing)

proud Mom
proud Dad

First child in, two to go

And while GH#1 slept in his new dorm room,

selfie by WW

WW & SM watched "The Shallows"!
What's going on in your "neck of the woods"?

A smile for Tuesday ...