Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 1404: Graduation Day at the Bren Center!

Congrats, digital collage of fold-out card for GH#1

If you know me or this blog at all,

then you know I am crazy about my 3 Grandhunks.

Jordan, GH#1, at my front door Sunday

Sunday, Grandhunk #1 and his Mom, WonderWoman

picked me up early to go to UCI's Bren Center ...

41st Commencement Service.

We were arrived early to save 18 seats!

A huge venue, we wondered if it would be filled?

It was, to capacity!
330 OLU graduates, their family & friends.
Can you spot Jordan returning to his seat with his diploma?

Okay, then can you spot Jordan's tossed cap?

Of the 330 graduating OLU seniors 85% were accepted into a  4 year university, 
and 98% will be attending a 2 or 4 year college in Fall of 2016.
Those students will attend 125 different colleges in 31 states and
4 countries including England, France and the Netherlands.

After, we joined families juggling for space for photos.

happy &  proud family

the brothers, Grandhunks 3, 1 & 2

happy & proud family & friends

happy & proud Grandma

A wonderful day!

A smile for Memorial Day ...

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