Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 1399: Every once in a while, I try to ...

"misprint", graphite, collage & digital

Every once in a while, I try to ...

... get my ducks in a row!
You know, when you try to get things done that are no fun?
Like trying to make account changes, on line!
Like calling 800 whatever, when online doesn't work.
Like being disconnected during a ten minute call wait ...
and having to start all over again.
I so appreciate when I get a human!
Even when they are grouchy, I try to change that.
Today "Debbie" sighed as I asked for help.
I asked if she was having a hard day?
She said yes and fighting a cold.
She apologized for breathing so heavily into the phone.
I told her that it was more action than I had had in a long time.
We both laughed and the rest of the call went well.
Hard work this ducks in a row thing!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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