Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 1394: An apology is in order.

secrets, acrylics

An apology is in order.
I try to take pictures during class.
But, it was a really fun group and I got distracted.

Often students help by reminding me,
but they got distracted too!
So just a few shots this post.

This was week 3 of the 4 week series ...

by Valerie

using graphite, our handmade collage papers & acrylics.

by Connie

Some journal page mono-prints ...

by Melinda
and a lot of experimenting.

by Marilyn

week 2 homework by Connie

We spent a lot of time making collage papers ...

by Marilyn

by Marilyn

by Marilyn

dictionary papers, maps all kinds of papers ...
by Linda

spread all over the floor to dry.

by Melinda

by Connie

by Marilyn

One more class next week ...
Thursday, May 26th 10-12:30PM (info here
Can you tell we have fun?

A smile for Friday ...

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