Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 1387: A thank you note, times six.

Frank, collage, gesso, graphite & collage

There is a pre-story to this tale,
 but I'm going to spare you the details.
This is a thank you note for six Thursday heroes.
See if you can figure it out?

Thank you for your support during my lost key crisis to ...
Marilyn, (for driving me home in traffic to get my 2nd key), 
Carrol (for your moral & search support & a ride offer),  
Rebecca (for your patience, I apologize if I made you late?), 
Connie (for your caring support and just for being you),  
Jordan, Grandhunk #1 ( for rescuing me by picking me up 
at my house and driving me back to Westminster to get 
my car with my 2nd key), 
and, WonderWoman ( for getting Jordan for me).
It takes a village?

I got home in my car at 5:30 and unloaded one piece at a time, going through each thoroughly in the garage before putting away.
I found key#1 in the very bottom of the World Market bag ...
under lots of stuff, paper plates, credit cards, wax paper etc. 
I have no idea how it got there?
It was supposed to be in my right jeans pocket as always!
Anyway, home and so done at 6 PM.
Do you lose stuff? Or is it just me?

A smile for Friday ...

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